Making Memories

I became a travel agent because I love to travel and I wanted to help others enjoy it as much as I do. An unexpected perk of this job is being a part of people's milestones. I'm constantly planning birthday, honeymoon, and anniversary trips. 

I knew I would work with honeymoon clients but I never seriously considered the importance of that particular trip. Guys feel a lot of pressure to plan the perfect honeymoon. Making that process easier is a great feeling. Even when couples are planning it together, the pressure for perfection is high. This is a trip they will always talk about. That is also one of the great rewards. They will always talk about it!

I've planned a few major birthday milestone trips. Being able to send a cake or flowers to the room is a small gesture that goes a long way. It helps make the trip stand out. Whether I'm helping plan the trip as a surprise or with the celebrant, making it easier is always my goal. Plus, I like praise. I relish when clients return and enthusiastically relay all the memories from their trip.

We took a selfie moments after getting engaged in Florence!

We took a selfie moments after getting engaged in Florence!

Recently I was collaborating with colleagues. Someone's client wanted to propose on their trip and we all got very excited to brainstorm about where and how he should do it (I totally nerded out). It was not my client but I couldn't wait to find out how it went and see the pictures (fyi... she said yes). 

Material things come and go but memories last a lifetime. Making sure those are good memories is a great job!