International Airfare Costs for Babies

In a recent post I talked about tips for flying with an infant. Many people know that infants travel for free. However, many people are surprised that this is only for domestic flights and there is a charge for lap infants for international routes. I did not know this until I became a travel agent. Don't let this be a surprise cost for your trip.

If you are using miles for your ticket but traveling with a lap child as there is a charge for the baby. The cost also depends on the cabin in which you are flying. Not surprisingly, it is more expensive if you are flying in business or first class.

There may be some additional costs associated with a lap child during international flights. Many long haul flights offer bassinets that hook up in front of the bulkhead seats. You should request the bassinet when you book your ticket as they are available on a first come, first served basis. As the bulkhead seats are often reserved with an extra cost, sometimes the airlines charge that fee to move additional passengers into the bulkhead with the passenger associated with the lap child. 

Surprise fees are one of the top frustrations of travel these days. Hopefully, this article prepares you and helps reduce the stress of traveling with a baby!