Nice to Meet You!

Hello and welcome to the Vacation Curation blog! My name is Melissa Lonsk and I'm the owner of Vacation Curation LLC. Whether you like to explore places close to home or the far corners of the earth, we'll take a look at the incredible journeys the world has to offer. I'll be posting about travel trends, tips, and my own personal travels in this blog. First, I'd like to give you a little background on how Vacation Curation came to be.

feeding kangaroos at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

feeding kangaroos at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

I have always had an incredible passion for travel. During college, I spent a semester living and studying abroad in Venice, Italy. The experience piqued my interest in traveling and, since then, I have made a concerted effort to maximize my vacations by exploring domestically and internationally for a few weeks every year. I have been to 38 countries, across 5 continents... and there's still so much more to discover! My enthusiasm for travel eventually led me on a six-month expedition around the world, which sparked a desire to pursue a career in travel.

When I returned from my travel sabbatical, I was intent on learning more about the travel industry. I was accepted from hundreds of applicants into the NEXT travel agent training program with the Tzell Travel Group. Tzell is one of the largest and most respected travel companies in the country. There I learned the ins and outs of the industry and made connections with vendors around the world. This helped build a great foundation for the travel consultant business of Vacation Curation. 

I already enjoyed helping friends and family with their travel plans and now I can help even more people through Vacation Curation! I combine my personal travel experience with the 50 years of knowledge and incredible resources made available to me as a member of the Tzell Travel Group to create tailored vacations for you. It's incredibly gratifying hear how you've helped someone maximize their precious vacation time (and money) and turn it into incredible memories for them and their families. Thank you for joining my journeys with yours!